How To Remove Acne

Acne is one of the major problem of most of the teenagers due to which they may suffer from sadness and lack of confidence because teenagers are very conscious about their looks. It generally occurs in teenagers because of the hormonal changes occurring in this particular age. They are very anxious to know how to remove acne and the marks caused due to it. There are several methods by which you can completely remove acne without leaving a scar on the area.

Acne Treatment at HomeAcne is caused due to overproduction of oil called sebum and accumulation of dead cells.  Hair follicles are plugged with oil and the dead cells which provide favorable condition for the growth of bacteria and as a result the follicle wall may bulge to form acne. If you are on some specific medications and have a high carbohydrate diet then the chances of acne may increase. Acne generally occurs on the parts where more number of oil glands are present like face, neck chest and back. Here are few home remedies and professional treatments which are very useful in removing the acne.

How To Remove Acne Overnight:

  • Laser Therapy: Laser therapy has become a very popular technique to remove acne because it immediately shows its effects on the acne and reduces its size to half in a single session. Lasers produce heat under the skin which causes thermal damage to the sebaceous gland which is responsible for the release of oil the body.
  • Light Therapy:Light therapy attacks on the bacteria present in the acne. Low intensity lights like blue, green and red are very harmful for the bacteria and can immediately kill them.  Bacteria multiply rapidly in the acne so it is very important to kill it for complete treatment otherwise acne may grow after few days in the same place.
  • Wash Your Face Regularly: If you are having acne then you must keep the area How To Remove Acneclean because dirt may cause growth of more bacteria in the region which may worsen the condition. Washing face regularly can effectively reduce the chances of development of acne in future. Do not touch acne because dirt on your finger may stick to the acne.
  • Lemon Juice:One of the most popular home remedies is applying lemon. It can reduce the size of acne or may even completely remove it overnight. You just have to apply few drops of lemon juice on the acne and let it dry itself. You will notice considerable improvement within few hours.
  • Apply Ice:Applying ice not only keeps the area around acne clean but also freezes the pores. Put the ice cube on the acne for around 1 minute. You should repeat it after every 2 hours for noticeable changes in the size of the acne.
  • Toothpaste:Toothpaste is very effective way to treat the acne because there are certain components in the toothpaste which help to kill the bacteria and soak excess oil from the region. Do not apply gel paste on the acne, only the white pastes are effective in removing the acne.
  • Honey and Cinnamon:Make a paste of honey and cinnamon and apply it on the acne when your are going to sleep. You may notice that the acne has dried up and there is a considerable change in its size.
  • Steaming:Steaming opens up the pores of the skin due to which it is very effective in cleaning the skin properly. Steaming helps remove dirt particles, excess oil and dust from the face. You have to boil water in a medium sized container then put your face over the container.

After going through the article you must have got your answer to How to remove acne? These are the most easiest and effective techniques to remove acne overnight. There are no side effects of the home remedies and are completely safe so stop worrying and apply these techniques today itself and get back your lost confidence and charming personality.

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